Pursuing answers to the ultimate questions

Humanity has a rare opportunity to expand consciousness and reimagine the human experience.
Prophetic is pioneering the way.

A New Frontier of Exploration

There is something going on here in life beyond just a job and a family and two cars in the garage and a career. There is something more going on. There is another side of the coin, that we don’t talk about much. We experience it when there are gaps. When everything is not ordered and perfect, when there’s a gap, you experience this inrush of something. And a lot of people have set off throughout history to find out what that was. Whether it’s Thoreau, whether it’s some Indian mystics, or whatever it might be.

-Steve Jobs

There’s something deeper going on in the universe and reality that humans have continually sought to uncover. Through the centuries, we’ve chipped away at the unknown and slowly gained a better understanding of our own existence but there is more to discover.

What is reality? How does consciousness work? Where did this all come from? What is life all about?

When we were kids we thought when we got out of school there would be answers to these questions waiting for us out there in the real world. Now we are at a technological inflection point to create the tools to explore these questions and find the answers ourselves.

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Conscious Experiences

A number of emerging technologies have presented an opportunity to design and engineer a non-invasive neural interface unlike anything before. A neural interface that can induce conscious experiences on-demand.


We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists solving a range of problems across neuroscience, computer science, mechanical acoustic engineering, and more. If you have outlier talent and are passionate about elevating the human experience, please email /

Beta Program

If you'd like to be one of the first to try, join our beta program. We regularly perform neuromodulation at our headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.


If you're interested in reading more about our views on consciousness, philosophy, the human experience, technology history, and more, check out our blog.

Company Information

Prophetic is an American technology company developing a non-invasive neuromodulation device. The company was launched in June 2023 and has raised a pre-seed from institutional investors including BoxGroup, O'Shaughnessy Ventures, Shrug VC, Embark Ventures, EV3, and more.