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The God of Abraham speaks to us in many ways. Through words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and words of encouragement; through dreams, open visions, and through direct revelation and understanding.

There are three main forms in which Man will hear from God.


Revelation is what God reveals. Interpretation is what Man thinks he heard God say, and Application is how Man applies what he thought God said.

Experiencing a moment of Revelation from God, rings pure and truthful to one’s spirit. A refreshing and sometimes physical manifestation of His Holy presence. It can come in the form of a dream or a waking thought, from reading the Torah, or something said in passing, or even in the shower.

The moment it is revealed, we try to understand its meaning, instantly or by meditating on it, until we interpret what we experienced. Our nature is to discover and explore the deeper meaning behind our newly revealed insight. This is the Wisdom of Man.

God desired relationship with man, so man created religion.

Religion is based in the Application of what Man has Interpreted in what he thinks God has Revealed. The rise of Churches, Cathedrals, Synagogues, and Mosque, are Man’s attempt to have others follow and apply a similar school of thought,,, again, of what they believe God revealed many years ago. This is Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

The “Church” steeped in religious spirits, is filled with dogma and legalistic by-laws, and programmatic services that draw us away from God’s revelation and out of relationship with Him. These are the dogmatic evil spirits of Religion, Legalism, and Doctrine. Today, there are many in leadership who seeks guidance from elders and administrators, rather than seeking the face of a living God. Pastors who are teachers, elders who are wealthy businessmen, worship leaders seeking to become recording artists, and senior leadership are more worried about increasing their attendance numbers than ministering to their flock.

At the root of this Church model, is money. Throughout history, mega-churches with massive building funds would often tax and tithe the members, from paying a penance in the middle ages, to tithing to fund some new special project, money has been the driving force within the Church.

God is a living God, and His Word is alive and will never return void. The prayers that David prayed against his enemy still stand today against our spiritual enemies. As God answered David then, He will answer these prayers today. The prayers of David are strong weapons in spiritual warfare, and evil spirits are directly affected by it.

The revelation David received from God, is a model of a healthy relationship with God. There was no church, no temple, no religious application, David looked to God directly.

Many have been hurt in the name of God through religion and man’s twisted interpretation of who God is. The blood spilled through religious war still cries out to heaven for justice. From seekers to apostles our experience with the Church has been tainted by these religious spirits, seeking to substitute organized religion for a personal relationship with God.

Prophetic Word, May 15th, 2020

God desires a personal relationship with you, He hears and answers your prayers. Forgive those who have led you astray and have wounded you, for the Lord will defend you.